Prelway Interiors

The most important aspect of the website was that it reflected the essence of the boutique on Walton Street, and that it was able to adapt to the new products that came in each season.┬áThe site uses a unique image based navigation system whereby every picture in the site clicks through to a specific product page. The photography style combined with the website’s design structure is representative of the atmosphere in the boutique, and the manner in which people browse through the displays.
FOCUS Below is a list of our key services to Prelway Interiors:
  • Website Design
  • Product & Lifestyle Photography
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenence
  • Printed promotional materials


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Interiors Web Design by Design FacilitySocialPrelway wanted the site to capture the social element of the boutique allowing visitors to send links of particular items to friends, or perhaps sign up to the newsletter to find out about new products. Three special links automatically load to the bottom of every product allowing the visitor to take note of that item in various different ways.
Interiors Boutique Web Design by Design FacilityPhotographyPrelway have a large range of products that come in and go out of the boutique very quickly, so in order to capture the product range for the website, we set-up a photography style within the boutique itself and manage a photography-on-call service, in order to photograph selected items and add them to the website when the next set of updates are ready.
Interiors Boutique Web Design by Design FacilityPrintThis shows the automatic printable product screen that loads, which is printer friendly and automatically adds Prelway’s contact details to the page. The visitor can take this printed page to the boutique or give it to a friend to show the item in question.